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Welcome to Prior Art Searches: We are a team of patent information professionals and have provided intellectual property searching and file wrapper services to attorneys, agents, companies, and innovators for over twenty years. Let us do the looking for you.

Intellectual Property Searching  Whether you are looking to patent an invention or prosecute those who may be infringing your intellectual property we can help you! We also conduct due dilligence and all out validity searches in a wide range of subject matter areas. We provide a conflict-of-interest free vehicle for your discovery process. With over 25,000 patent searches under our belt, trust that we can service your request with a high level of efficiency and diligence. Our searchers all have strong and diverse technical credentials and years of search experience. A search includes patent and non-patent documents compiled into a user-friendly report along with a complete search summary and short techinical comments on the most prominent documents. Learn more about Patent Searches
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File History Compilation Our patent file history service provides competitively priced file histories in paper or electronic format. Files are carefully copied, checked for completeness, collated in chronological order, and book marked by our experienced technicians. Learn More About File Histories
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State-of-the-Art Landscape Searches  Our comprehensive package combines our distinguished research team to provide you a series of high value searches among multiple areas. Using advanced software technology we provide long term and continuing access to the report and its references through a secure online database cross-referenced to each document for you, your client and your team members. Learn More about State of the Art and Landscape Searches
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